All About OOE 🌻

“If you sell the products you use, I would dead buy them off of you”

      In high school, people would always compliment Essence on her hair and ask what products she uses but they would always be her own. From then on, she spent months ordering ingredients off of amazon and selling beauty supply bottles wrapped in supermarket shopping around high school. Things took off from there to what we have now!
In her mother’s Bronx kitchen, CEO and Founder of Oil of Essence, Essence Powell started the foundation of Oil of Essence around the Bronx and Howard University. Official launched in 2018, Essence studied and researched the science behind healthy hair care and formulated products to aid in the hair journey of many.

       Handcrafted with care, each batch is handmade by Essence herself and is formulated with the freshest, rawest ingredients. She made it her business to provide her customers with products without harsh, DNA altering chemicals. Her firm belief of achieving bomb results without the use toxins has carried Oil of Essence to its height and beyond!

           As she embarks on her spring semester of her sophomore year at the illustrious Howard University majoring in Business Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Essence wishes to grow Oil of Essence even further, while giving back to the community who made her who she is and fighting against forces trying to erase the history of the Bronx.