Our Credo

“Serve Looks, Stack Coins, Preserve Health ” is very simply but is really what drives Oil of Essence. Many products geared to the natural hair community is filled with dangerous chemicals or fillers that serve no purpose and break the bank. We strive to create products that only give you amazing results and have your hair POPPIN but want to make sure our customers do so without putting their health at risk and in a financial hole.

            Oil of Essence products is made with all-natural ingredients -like straight from the ground- and is formulated to moisturize, heal and grow hair naturally. Our products aim to offer consumers an affordable and healthier alternative to natural hair products on the market!

            We pride ourselves in creating functional, healthy hair care lines for an affordable price. Our goal is to continue to put out quality hair products that serve those who are health conscience and those who want to be. We want to expand Oil of Essence but also keep prices affordable. Every natural hair queen, king, prince and princess deserves to put great products on and in their bodies!

            Oil of Essence products are also vegan, organic, cruelty free and eventually, as we grow and continue to take the natural hair industry by storm, we want to provide biodegradable packaging. We believe it is important to take care of the main resource that is giving us bomb products, which is our beloved planet!